DIABLO Lite - Drum Enhancer Plugin
DIABLO Lite - Drum Enhancer Plugin
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 Jan 01 2021    08:51 AM

The main purpose of DIABLO Lite is to enhance your drums and 808’s so they hit harder and cut through your mix.


What exactly does DIABLO Lite do?


The DIABLO Punch feature is a transient shaper designed to help your drums cut through any mix.


The DIABLO Clip Feature is a modern hard / soft clipper made to make your drums slap every time.




Just keep in mind, this is only a small taste of the full version of DIABLO. The full version has more features and knobs to control and shape your sound.




The full version includes Boost, Body, Heat, Sizzle, Magnitude, and Width, in addition to the Punch & Clip knobs from DIABLO Lite. With all of these processing features, it would be easy to create thousands of new drums suitable for your mix.



The official release date is Friday, January 22nd.


If you don't have any transient shaper, go for this free one. It is effective and powerful.


Cheers !!!



The first 4,000 people to get DIABLO will also receive a brand new plugin for free called VORTEX: 808 Enhancer (Original value $50).




Claim your FREE copy of Carbon Electra with any purchase until 11th January 2021.


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